I’m back to pond-hopping on a regular basis and therefore taking note of what has changed with regards to scheduled airline service in what seems a very short period of time.   As a long-time, long-haul devotee of the now defunct Continental Airlines, I am sad to see how much has been lost and how what … Read More

MARKET CONFIDENCE…or the lack thereof

Confidence is a commodity that is in rather short supply these days.  While the market for business aircraft is slow for a number of different reasons, the lack of confidence being expressed by buyers is a major contributing factor as to why it won’t jumpstart itself.  Without confidence buyers are likely to do a whole … Read More


“Where are the aircraft resale markets headed?” is among the first questions posed to me in just about every conversation I have as of late.  Don’t you know I wish I could look forward with complete accuracy 100% of the time?  Then I might be writing this blog from a beach in some exotic locale … Read More


August, for most of the business world, generally means it is going to be very quiet while everyone wiles away their time on the last vestiges of summer. Yes, captains of industry and us aircraft brokers alike always have one finger stuck up in the air trying to figure out which way the wind blows, … Read More


Well, if you haven’t heard by now, the U.S. President decided last week during a press conference to malign the business aviation industry by accusing users of business jets as enjoying tax benefits above and beyond what is afforded to users of other business equipment. Gee, last I heard accelerated depreciation was a creation of … Read More

Airliner Angst

It’s been ages since I have had to set foot in a commercial airline terminal, let alone board one of those people haulers.  Besides having the benefit of flying private, I have taken to driving myself to destinations I know I will be at for at least a week and are within more or less … Read More

S’No way to treat passengers

TIS THE SEASON Ahhh the holidays and the joys of commercial airline travel!  That time of year when all good people who used to take a sleigh and head over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house now flock to the airport.   It was bad enough dealing with that certain subset of the … Read More

Jets – The Luggage Advantage

BAGGAGE In packing for an extended stay on the road, particularly in this day and age of airline travel, the weight of my baggage is on the forefront of my mind.  Gone are the days that one could elect to throw that extra jacket in the suitcase or one more pair of shoes, let alone … Read More


August is a tough month for the aircraft broker.   Thirty-one days spent waiting for September in heat and humidity (at least in my part of the world), while the rest of the inhabitants of the western hemisphere are on holiday.  Or so it seems. For those who make a living peddling aircraft, the summer is … Read More

How to be PC in Europe

Staying on the narrow path of political correctness in Europe can be challenging and not just due to the fact you are moving about the countryside.  Borders may be gone in the EU, but a change in attitude still comes with a change of the cellular carrier.   However, I found a way to be “PC” … Read More

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