Jets – The Luggage Advantage


In packing for an extended stay on the road, particularly in this day and age of airline travel, the weight of my baggage is on the forefront of my mind.  Gone are the days that one could elect to throw that extra jacket in the suitcase or one more pair of shoes, let alone consider taking along the Nancy Gonzalez blue crocodile purse that oh so perfectly works with jeans.  My style (and sense of it) has been severely cramped ever since the airlines decided to squeeze their patrons further by reducing the allowable weight of one’s bag on an international leg.  My longing for home becomes accentuated knowing that the perfect heels are waiting on me in the master bedroom closet.   No, functionality and diversity rule when it comes to selecting the clothes and accessories that do get to make the trip.  Perhaps this is why my color palette can be described as various shades of black.  Thank goodness for Hermes scarves and colored gemstones.

As most private aviation travelers know, business jets handle baggage with greater aplomb than any airline ever could.  It is carefully stored in a clean, safe environment and transported with great care.  It can ride in the cabin if need be, for there’s some baggage that just can’t seem to be let go of.  Or it can be placed in the baggage compartment where it nonetheless will travel in great style and you will be absolutely assured of seeing your Vuitton case at the end of the trip.   Ahh and the choices as to what you can take along are endless!  You can invite all your old friends: Armani, Christian, Valentino and Louis without fear that there will not be room available…well, in most cases.  Fashion devotee or shopaholic need not worry about checking that second or third bag.

Dealing with baggage has become a sort of subset specialty for me.  I have perfectly honed my baggage handler skill set and am prepared to deal with most anything, though at times I want to charge for exceeding the allowable limit.  Flashing my Crest strips white smile I reach out a helping hand to those who are having trouble managing the load.  I know, I know label me an enabler, but…somebody has to keep the deal on track and bring it to a close.  Though lately it has occurred to me that perhaps I need to have my weight bearing load capacity reevaluated.

While I end up dealing with excess baggage I have my own perfect way of lightening the load.   I navigate my way to an idyllic place northwest of Houston and visit my four-legged counselor.   His name is Meacham Field, and no creature does a better job of listening and offering relief from the weight of travel.    He makes me check my baggage at the curb.