Coronavirus Statement

Persevere and Prevail in Times of Adversity

At Par Avion Ltd, we share in the deep concern for our global citizen’s collective health and are doing all we can to safeguard our team while maintaining the highest level of service possible for our Clients during the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result of being headquartered in a hurricane prone zone, we are fully prepared to deal with unexpected and unprecedented interruptions to a normal business routine. Contingency plans have been in place for some time, including a migration to cloud based information sharing and communication, and thus we are able to continue full operations while working remotely.

With more than three decades in the aviation sales and consulting business, we are all too familiar with economic crises and challenges to the global aircraft marketplace. As in day-to-day life, situations change and occasionally quite rapidly with seemingly no clear end. In uncertain times, planning and preparation are what will lead to stability and preservation of value. Par Avion Ltd. has long learned not only how to persevere, but to prevail in the face of adversity.

Par Avion is able to rapidly adjust to the changing markets as we are information driven thereby enabling us to keep our client’s well informed and continue to market their aircraft appropriately. In some cases we have recommended relocation of off-shore airplanes to the United States so as to facilitate the sale in this COVID-19 era. We have the contacts and connections to help with this process and have sourced hangar space and support in the State of Texas for aircraft of any make/model/size.

When our collective health and economies start a return to their new normal, we will have already implemented strategies designed for each client’s needs thereby giving you the competitive edge.

If you’d like to talk with one of us as to how we can help you preserve your aircraft’s value and prevail in the future business jet market, please contact us:

Telephone: +1 713.681.0075

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May you stay in good health.

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