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Having just returned from GAMA’s “State of the Industry” address I can safely report that for those who like consistency 2016 is going to look a lot like 2010-2015.  Well, maybe a bit more blah.   The business aviation industry has been in the doldrums since the economic debacle of late 2008 with only pinpoints of … Read More


It seems the latter part of the third quarter and thus far the fourth quarter has been one big Monday. The positive side of all this is that it has by far been the busiest second half of a year that we have experienced perhaps since the founding of Par Avion. Our inventory is moving, … Read More


The world of aircraft sales is fraught with risk and it is a wise buyer who retains professional assistance in the process of buying or selling an airplane. However, the risk in the selection process is not merely limited to what airplane to choose. In some cases the risk starts with the advisor you choose! … Read More

The Devil is In the Details

Remember when being attentive to detail was a standard to which all others aspired? If you offered a bespoke service, you were expected to deliver well beyond expectations. Mediocrity had no place in a work environment that strives for excellence. It was not okay to let things slide as doing so meant leaving the door … Read More


“Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue” sang Billy Joel. It’s a tune that I have been humming and words that I have been turning over in my head more frequently as of late. It seems that very few people who either make honest mistakes, purposely deceive in an effort to preserve … Read More

Don’t Bank On It

The bizav industry has certainly seen its share of troubled loans and losses since the Great Recession and banks portfolios were at one time loaded with bad debt from sour aircraft deals.  To some degree financial institutions that were prolific lenders back in the day are still dealing with non-performing assets and struggling to move … Read More

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

In the United States we have a peculiar method by which it is determined whether or not we are to be faced with six more weeks of winter.  On February 2nd, with great fanfare and anticipation, a furry creature known as a groundhog that bears the name of the town he lives, is rather rudely … Read More

Lost in Translation

As an aircraft broker who works and travels around the world you can’t help but gain experience as to how cultural differences, particularly when it comes to language (verbal and body), impact the business you are trying to conduct.  Some of us learn by observation and paying keen attention to how an already experienced trader … Read More

The New Normal

At the last NBAA convention an interview conducted with a business aviation OEM executive generated the now oft quoted phrase “flat is the new normal”.  For those of you who do not track the aircraft sales side of the industry, this statement was a reference to exactly that and that it is.  While we are … Read More

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

As the first quarter of 2013 draws to a close I am reminded that reporting for that period will soon be due, not to mention federal income tax filing here in the United States.  Both are means by which business owners and individuals alike take inventory of their professional and personal financial status, serving to … Read More

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