Janine Joins Texas Children’s Hospital as an Ambassador for the new Pavilion for Women

HOUSTON, Texas (Feb. 8, 2012) – Janine has joined the Texas Children’s Hospital as an Ambassador for the new Pavilion for Women. You can learn more about the Pavilion for women by heading to http://women.texaschildrens.org/ We believe in giving women, mothers and babies quality health care at every important stage of their lives. We call this new model the full continuum of family-centered care.

Access to every specialty in one centralized location.

The best specialists collaborate.

Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women brings together obstetricians , gynecologists, oncologists, surgeons, geneticists and nurses from Texas Children’s Hospital and our academic partner Baylor College of Medicine.

Private-practice OB/GYNs offer high-quality services.

OB/GYNs in top private practices, including Baylor OB/GYNThe Women’s Specialists of Houston and Partners in OB/GYN Care, provide you with high-quality OB/GYN services at the Pavilion for Women.

We offer expert treatment and care.

Baylor College of Medicine educators, researchers and clinicians translate the latest scientific research into the most advanced treatment and care available.

Advanced diagnosis and treatment for expectant mothers and high-risk babies.

Our fetal specialists solve problems before birth.

Texas Children’s Fetal Center is one of only a few centers worldwide to offer fetal diagnostic and intervention therapies.

The Pavilion for Women responds to high-risk births.

With high-risk births on the rise nationally, our renowned experts and specialists focus on furthering obstetrical research. We also provide advanced treatment, including level 3C neonatal intensive care units to give premature and sick babies more extensive support and care.

A family-centered approach to mother and baby care.

The Pavilion for Women creates a better bonding experience.

You and your baby share a nurse and a private room in a nurturing environment that promotes bonding.

We involve families in decisions.

Our new approach to care involves you and your family in decision making duringlabor, delivery and postpartum care.