Acquisition Assistance

By engaging Par Avion as the business aircraft broker of choice, buyers eliminate the pitfalls and delays commonly associated with self-representation.  Par Avion facilitates a reconnaissance of the market, while maintaining your anonymity and enabling you to retain a superior bargaining position.  We offer access to a wealth of market data, gathered by means of primary research and through secondary information sources.  While a prospective buyer is able to identify a few available airplanes through trade publications and web sites that represents but a small portion of the potential that exists.  Par Avion is an insider in the world of business aviation with an extensive global network and relationships that make us the first to know of an opportunity.

Par Avion serves as your advocate and manages the buyer’s half of the aircraft sales transaction.  We assist the client with understanding relative values within a select marketplace and ascertaining the specific value of the aircraft selected.   As aircraft acquisition specialists, we are well-versed in the product you plan to purchase and can provide effective onsite supervision during the due diligence process.  We will help you and your team manage time more efficiently by being your single source for information needed to place the aircraft into service.

An analytical approach to matching the aircraft model to our clients needs is the first step in the process.  Once the model has been identified, Par Avion Ltd. will conduct a thorough review of the targeted market and provide a short list of candidates that have been pre-screened for your consideration.   Par Avion brings value-added service to the purchase side of the transaction by assisting in the drafting of all related sales documents, conducting negotiations with the Seller, actively participating in the prepurchase evaluation and providing ongoing support through final closing and filing of documents   We will help to coordinate the efforts of the buying team and various service providers involved in the process.  Par Avion Ltd. provides a turn-key service whose foundation is rooted in being client focused and service-oriented.  Our services are anchored by a commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations.


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